WW2 M4A3 105mm Sherman tank

DT-STL-Sherman Tank M4A3105
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M4A3 Sherman tank 105mm STL file set

M4A3 105 Sherman tank STL file set


Sherman M4A3 105mm 

Includes 5 pieces in total. and will require very basic assembly. Tracks, Body, Main turret, Machine gun.
The M4 105 was intruduced in 1944 to give added infantry support. 


We have a handy calculator for resizing files for 3D printing over at scale-converters


It is designed for 28mm table top games such as:

Judge Dredd, Necromunda, Fallout Wasteland, Infinity, Konflikt ‘47, Kill Team, WH40k Bolt action flames of war and Star Wars Legion. It also adds flavour to RPG’s such as SLA Industries and Paranoia! gaslands AshCromunda Wastes, Warsurge, car wars. WW2 Dioramas and WW2 Tank STL files.  Sherman tank STL


Amazing STL models for 3D printed tabletop gaming and skirmish wargaming. models for FDM and Resin printing

See the blog post notes on scales about resizing STL files.

Some of the images supplied are computer generated and are for reference. They are images of the files that will be 3D printed.

Brand 3D Fortress
Designer 3D Fortress
Use Resin, Vehicle, Gaming Accessories , Toys
Model Format STL
Supports Required
Genre WW2
Vehicle Type Tracked
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