Welcome to Printable Adventures Guild. 

The Printable Adventures Guild is a group of Artisanal 3D modellers that have formed a collective to help grow their 3D design skills, share ideas on new STL products and to improve everything about their products, designs and 3D models. These models are distributed under the Digital Taxidermy Marketplace via the array of artisinal vendors.

Like all things in life, when you have other experts around you it really focusses your own abilities, helps you to up your game and drive yourself to new levels of perfection. 

The vision – To improve the quality of 3D printed gaming terrain and miniatures while cultivating a fanbase to help feedback and drive future designs and directions. 
Believing not only in a customer driven focus on development the Guild wants to ensure that the highest quality and best experience is offered to every one of its customers on any one of the platforms to which they belong.

The Printable Adventures Guild will often be releasing new 3D printing Kickstarters, this is an amazing opportunity for the designers to interact with the customers and to create something with a focus on making sure that the sets are developed with the desires of the audience in mind and to give them the best value for every STL product released.
Tabletop Realms - Tabletop Cartel 3D Designer NetworkingTabletop Realms - Tabletop Cartel 3D Designer Networking
We are part of the Printable Adventures Guild! Together with a bunch of other studios we have developed this community to support you guys with free digital resources for tabletop gaming. No matter if you love to 3D print for your wargames or are looking for amazing PDF based classic printable RPG supplements, this is the right place for you to hang out with other enthusiastic hobbyists! Join our newsletter by subscribing or just downloading our free samples and receive free digital resources, exclusive coupons benefits, as well as the hottest news around our studios. On Discord you can now watch us working from time to time, ask questions and give suggestions for what you would really like to see next. Of course we are happy to see your creations, battle reports and adventures over there. Let’s create some fantastic places together throughout all the genres! So, join our community and come say hi

Find The Members That Design for The Printable Adventures Guild

Pharoah's Workshop

Wargaming tabletop scenery and buildings by pharoah's workshop tabletop realmsWargaming tabletop scenery and buildings by pharoah's workshop tabletop realms

Pharoah's Workshop produces and amazing range of tabletop scenery for post-apocalyptic and fantasy scenarios. 

The detailed work is a fantastic addition to any gaming tabletop. 

You can find their work here on https://www.digitaltaxidermy.co.uk/vendor_shop/pharaohsworkshop.html 

Free Files From The Printable Adventures Guild

The following cartel members do not have a store located on Digital Taxidermy STL Market Place but you can follow their Kickstarter profiles for updates on their latest projects

Joy Games Interactive

Infernal Miniatures

Galandir's Pit

Follow them on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/galandir/


Dadi Dungeon & Dintorni

Follow them on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/885415830 


Admiral Apocalypse

Follow them on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/admapocalypse 


The Board Hoard

Terrain 4 Print 

Follow them on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/profile/terrain4print 


Degenerate Polygons