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Model Scale Converter - Useful for 3D Print STL re-scaling and Scale Ratio Calculator

Not only does Digital Taxidermy bring you a great range of 3D printable STL’s, Physical printed models and Sci-Fi short stories but we also have tools for the scale modeller and hobbyist no matter what their field. Please use this free scale ratio calculator.

This online scale calculator allows you to enter the known variables then get a scale factor and a percentage difference as a result. Use it to scale up or scale down models.

The result can then be used in your 3D modelling, slicer software or in further calculations to accurately resize almost any model for 3D printing.

The advanced calculator can be used to aid for more in-depth calculations and returns a scale measurement, the scale factor and the percentage.

Scale Conversion Calculator.

Convert an STL from one scale to another. Put in the original scale and the output scale and get a scale percentage and scale factor.
Convert 1/ scale
to 1/ scale

Scale Measurement Calculator.

Allows you to convert a known measurement to another measurement and get a scale factore and percentage change.
Convert from mm
to mm

Advanced Scale Dimentions Calculator.

Allows you to convert a known measurement from a known scale to get a measurement at a desired scale plus the scale factor and percentage change.
Convert in 1/ scale
to 1/ scale

These calculators have come from the benevolence of the web gods. If you find this tool handy and wish to lubricate his benevolence in the hope of more calculators to come then we have included a donation button below.

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With these calculators you can get success in making your 3D models compatable with your gaming terrain of any scale. if you play 6mm gamaes and want to turn models at 1/50 into 1/300 or 1/250. 

Or maybe you are a railway modeller and want to convert scales from life size to 1/76 scale or convert any gaming model, say 15mm 1/100 to 1/76 OO scale.

It is perfect for hobbyists, accurate scale drawings, working out scale conversions for design work and much more.

Model Scale Size Chart

Here is a handy table with some common scales as a reference so you can work out your percentage scale conversions.

Railway scales
Gaming Scales
Modelling scales
z scale - 1:220
2mm - 1:914 - Victorian Sci-fi
N Gauge - 1:160
3mm - 1:600 - WW2 Games
1:1250 Scale - Model Ships and Boats - Map Scales
1:48 Scale - Aircraft and military Airmodel, Airfix, hobbycraft, Italeri, Maco, 
TT Scale - 1:120
5.92mm - 1:300 - NATO/EU Micro armor scale (also 6mm epic scale)
1:43 Scale - Cars
H0 Scale - 1:87
6mm Epic Scale - 1:285 US standard micro armor, used in fantasy Sci-fi (epic 40k) 
1:600 Scale - Model Ships Airfix, Revel, Minairons,
1:35 Scale - Militray Vehicles
S Scale - 1:64
8-9.14mm - 1:200 - 1:182 scale - old planes and display plastic aircraft plus diecast aircraft
1:400 Scale - Phoenix, gemini aircraft models and ships
1:32 Scale - Aircraft
0 Gauge - 1:45
10mm - 1:160 - 1:182 - WW2, Sci-fi gaming, Warmaster. manufacturers include Pendraken Miniatures, Newlines, Irregular Miniatures, Magister Militum, Steve Barber, Kallistra, Minifigs UK, Old Glory, and Games Workshop
1:350 Scale - Trumpeter Ship models
1:25 Scale - Cars Trucks
1 Scale - 1:32
12mm - 1:152 
1:300 Scale - Air Liners Diecast Planes Ships
1:24 Scale - Cars; Trucks; Aircraft; Military Vehicles
II Scale - 1:22.5
15mm - 1:100 - Popular gaming scale for WW2 Axis and Allies, Flames of war, ancient era De Bellis Multitudinis, De Bellis Antiquitatis, and Fields of Glory.
1:200 Scale - Ships and Air liners
1:16 Scale - Military Vehicles RC vehicles
III Scale - 1:16
18mm - 1:87 - Heroic 15mm 
1:144 Scale - Aircraft Space craft Submarines - Zvezda, Bandai, Revel Airfix
1:12 Studio Scale - Motorbikes; Cars
V Scale - 1:11
20mm - 1:76 - 1:72  - WW2 Games
1:125 Scale - Airliners Spacecraft
1:10 Scale - Die Cast and RC vehicles
VII Scale - 1:8
28mm - 1:56 - Games workshop, bolt action, warlords, most modern tabletop games, AOS WH40K 
1:100 Scale - Aircraft Revell, monogram
1:6 Scale - RC aircraft, tanks, millitary vehicles engines
X Scale - 1:5.5
32mm - 1:48 - common modern gaming scale blood bowl
1:87 Scale - Military vehicles, oxford diecast, Marklin
40mm 1:42
1:76 Scale - Vehicles Javis, Airfix, Revell, Oxford Diescast
54mm - 1:33.9 - Collectable figures 
1:72 Scale - Aircraft and military Hongwell, Real-x, Yat Ming, Realtoy

Guides and more

For a helpful guide on how these calculators can apply to your 3D printing or gaming obsession or for more information on why we choose the scales we do, please see our blog post; A Note on Scales
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