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3D Modelling - Scale Conversion Tools

Model Scale Calculators - useful for 3D print STL re-scaling and scale modelling


Not only does Digital Taxidermy bring you a great range of 3D printable STL’s, physical printed models and Sci-Fi short stories but now we also have tools for the scale modeller and hobbyist no matter what their field.

These calculators allow you to enter the known variables then get a scale factor and a percentage difference as a result.

The result can then be used in your 3D modelling, slicer software or in further calculations to accurately resize almost any model for 3D printing.

The advanced calculator can be used to aid for more in-depth calculations and returns a scale measurement, the scale factor and the percentage.

Convert an STL from one scale to another.

Convert 1/ scale
to 1/ scale

Re-scale model from a known measurement to a desired measurement

Convert from mm
to mm

Advanced Scale Converter 

Allows you to convert a known measurement from a known scale to get a measurement at a desired scale plus the scale factore and percentage change. 

Convert in 1/ scale
to 1/ scale



Guides and more

For a helpful guide on how these calculators can apply to your 3D printing or gaming obsession or for more information on why we choose the scales we do, please see our blog post; A Note on Scales

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Our blog section has the first in a series of science fiction pieces set in the world we have been building up.


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This calculator has come from the benevolence of the web gods. If you find this tool handy and wish to lubricate his benevolence in the hope of more calculators to come then we have included a donation button below.

You really wouldn’t believe how much coffee it takes to do this stuff.