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Digital Taxidermy's review section

A collection of the reviews that Digital Taxidermy have had.


Here is a place to show off the work of other makers and reviewers that have gotten their hands on our stuff.

If you are interested in reviewing Digital Taxidermy's products then please contact us at with some details of who you are and your channel details and we will be in touch with where we go from there. 


These are not paid reviews and all reviewers have been asked to give their honest thoughts on the models. 


Gaming Geek

   - Reviewing Trewell Common

3D Printed Soup

   - Reviewing Trewell Common


Live stream with Geeetech 

  -Discussing Spool Towers and Recycling

Jesters 3D Tabletop Gaming

   - Lost BIO-LAB Review


Gaming Geek

   -Reviewing Spool Towers and Lost BIO-LAB

3D Printed Soup

   - Reviewing Spool Towers

Jesters 3D Tabletop Gaming

   - Spool Tower review



   - Cash 4 Organs painted


    - Instagram modelling and painting

Monstrous Makings

   - Spool Tower Review

   - Spool Tower review part 2

Bury Free Press 

   - Table top gaming business expanding with new dystopian world on its way

Cursed Earth Radio

   - Podcast interview with Digital Taxidermy