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Fantasy Models for 3D Printed Tabletop Gaming
Fantasy STL Models
Fresh Scenery, Terrain And Minis

Sci-fi 3D Print Design Models for 3D Printing
Sci-fi STL Designs
Furturistic Gaming Models

3D Printed Tabletop Gaming - Download STL Models for 3D Printing

Digital Taxidermy provide a vast and diverse range of 3D Model Designs for home 3D printing and we also supply printed models. 
We have focused on scenery, vehicles, buildings, sccatter and miniatures for 3D Printed Tabletop Gaming. However our catalogue of STL files also include cosplay items, toys and functional 3D prints. Scifi STL files for 3D printed models.

Our new model marketplace is now set to host 3D Design Creators from all over the world and help to create a community of people driven to succeed. 

Spool Towers are a flagship Spool Terrain 3D design from Digital Taxidermy that provides a Multi-level Modular Gaming Terrain System that uses empty waste filament reels at its core and give you a creative option to ReCycle your WASTE spools and reduce 3D printing waste. 

We are dedicated to quality and customer service, all of our Digital Taxidermy branded 3D models have been designed to be easilly reproduced on any home printer from an Ender 3 to a prusa. With resin printing we cater to printers from elegoo Mars to Saturn style printers. If you have any issues at all we are able to offer support to ensure you get what you expected and we have support groups set up on Facebook and Discord.