Digital Taxidermy 3D print Painting Tutorials

Want to look like a pro painter, but don't know where to start?

Here at Digital Taxidermy we pride our selves on our model crafting abilities but our painting skills may not be up to the gold standrd of many tabletop miniature painters out there, but that hasn't got in our way! 

We have explored a whole range of painting techniques that can allow new model painters to craft pieces of terrian that will be the envy of your gaming club. We are passionate about tabletop gaming and are dedicated to helping others learn the art of miniature painting. Our playlist is filled with a variety of tutorials that cover everything from basic techniques to more advanced skills.

Our Youtube channel has a range of videos that will show you that you do not need to have pro-painter skills to produce something that looks the part and will fit in with any tabletop game. Whether you are a beginner looking to get started with miniature painting or an experienced painter looking to improve your skills, our tutorials have something for everyone. 

Our channel shows painting tutorials for some of our models and model ranges and covers painting with brushes, sponges, fingers, spray cans and air brushes. These techniques plus a liberal attitude to their application can produce outstanding results in your finished tabletop model. We believe that with the right guidance and practice, anyone can learn to paint miniatures to a high standard.

So if you are new to painting or just want to see if there are other methods out there, this channel is the one for you. If you are ready to take your tabletop gaming experience to the next level and learn how to paint beautiful miniatures, be sure to check out our playlist. We hope you find our tutorials helpful and enjoyable, and we look forward to helping you on your miniature painting journey!

Click-Lock City - Painting tutorial - Tips, Tricks & Hacks for weathered, textured, aged scenery

We look at using spray cans, brushes and special technique using plastic and spray mount to add age to scenery.

Landing Craft Painting Adventure - Learn by Experimentation

We look at using airbrush, spray cans and brushes to create a shaded weathered vehicle plus a Bob Ross moment.

Towers of Fate Painting Guide - A quick paint tutorial for 3D printed tabletop dice towers

A Look at using and airbrush, brushes and finger painting to create stunning effects on our dice tower models.

The Wreckage of the Star-Freighter Kickstarter update and painting tutorial

We look at using airbrush, spray cans and brushes to create a shaded weathered vehicle plus a Bob Ross moment.

Lazy Painting Tutorial: How to quickly paint 3D printed terrain and vehicles

We take a liberal amount of spray cans, cloths and brushes and apply a liberal amount of 'that'll do' with great results.

Making a Dr. Zoidberg Futurama cosplay mask for Halloween with 3D printing

This is a look at the haloween cosplay mask of Dr. Zoidberg, we show the modelling, printing and painting.

A whistle stop tour of printing, assembling and painting our helter skelter dice tower

We use Spray cans, airbrush and brushes to create standout effects on this Dice Tower 3D print.

Dr Who seal of Rassilon door/drawer handles - Making old drawers way more cool 

This is a look at the haloween cosplay mask of Dr. Zoidberg, we show the modelling, printing and painting.

Thanks for checking these videos out and we hope that we can inspire you to have a go at painting your own miniatures and terrain now. 

We hope that you have seen in these videos some helpful tricks, tips, cheats and hacks for tabletop scenery painting but also given you the confidence that you don't have to be the best to get some excellent results. 

Our best advice is to get out there and give it a go and remember we are all our own worst enemies, don't be too critical of your own work and just go with the flow, the worst thing that can happen is you need to paint over your mistakes....or maybe those mistakes will be your Bob Ross moment.

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Thats all for now but check back for more later. 

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