Fantasy Terrain & Miniatures for Tabletop Gaming

Why Fantasy Gaming Terrain?

Fantasy Tabletop Gaming has been with us for a long time and has its beginnings in people extending the epic battles from such classis fantasy books as Lord of the Rings and the like.  These wargames allowed people to wage massive wars among the fantasy races of Orcs, Elves, Dwarfs and Men. 
A strong base for escapism and a great target for modelling hobbyists. These games grew in popularity and then came along Dungeons and Dragons in 1974 which then took the large-scale fantasy battles into a personal journey through these worlds. 

Through all these evolutionary stages in the games, one thing has remained consistent. 
The need to dress up the gaming space to suit the setting you are inhabiting. Setting the scene is a key part to fantasy tabletop gaming, the games take place in a fantasy world and often contains buildings and settings that are unimaginable, thus it’s important to have some sort of representation of the idea on the table. Not only that a good set dressing is important to any story. 

There is often a styalistic difference between fantasy and historical scenery and terrain. you will often find that fantasy has a more styalised and themed 'feel' to their details, excentuated features and fittings. Historical terrain tends to be more true to life in proportions and details. However you will often see historical buildings making a fantasy setting but less often will you see fantasy buildings in a historical setting.

So, if you are playing Age of Sigmar, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, Frostgrave, Kings of War or Dungeons & Dragons (or DnD) then you will want some Fantastic Fantasy Terrain.

Old Tudor England and Flint Wall Construction

Back in the mists of time Digital Taxidermy explored the local heritage of our home region of East Anglia. We are surrounded with history dating back many hundreds of years. 

The primary building materials in this area of the world are flint, brick, oak, and thatch. So, we took lots of pictures and sketches of the local area and turned them into 3D models so you can download them and print them for your tabletop. 

This set of 3D designs became the Trewell Common STL model range, it went to Kickstarter and expanded as the stretch goals startedd to break, in the end it became a comprehensive range of Tudor age village life and industry. 

We discovered that even in the fantasy gaming genre flint walls are not depicted very often so we took on the modelling challenge and created something truly unique for Fantasy or Historical Tabletop Gaming.

If you want to learn more about the project as a whole, we have a mini documentary and a blog post about the local history and the inspiration for our designs.

The Old New World

For a Fantasy and historical take on the American continent we have a range of models designed by Imagination Forge Games called The Village of Hearnfast. This range includes a take on the stucco dwellings and homesteads of the frontier. 

These buildings form a thriving town of intrepid people living on the borders of the world and eeking an existance from the land. The set includes houses, a blacksmiths forge, a church, an inn, scatter and all the things you would expect from a settlement.

Fantasy Scatter Terrain for 3D Printing

Your fantasy world would not be complete without the detritus of life that makes your 3D Printed tabletop ultra realistic. 

We have huge ranges 3D printable scatter and terrain packs for the fantasy genre that include items such as crates, barrels, groceries, wagon wheels, sign posts as well as a vast range of interior decorations to dress up the insides of your buildings.

Fantasy Gaming Miniatures

Every good RPG needs miniatures for representing your charachter or the NPC's. They are the inhabitants of the towns and locations, they are the life in your world and we have a good selection of 3D Print minitures for your fantasy townships.

Fantasy Spool Terrain

Not only can you get fantastic fantasy gaming terrain from Digital Taxidermy but we have created some amazing 3D Spool Terrain from our Spool Towers range. There is a tent, church, windmill, cathedral, elven house, fortification, tower of pizza and even a dwarven forge. 

Check out our article on Spool Towers for more information and take a look at some of the Fantasy Spool Terrain we have below.

Fantasy Dice Tower Models

To round out your fantasy gaming session a dice tower is an essential accessory for saving space on your gaming table and we have a great selection of fantasy dice towers that are not only great for rolling dice but also fully usable as terrain for your games. 

See our article on Dice Towers for more information on these functional 3D prints and see some of the available 3D printable dice towers below.

Now that you know about how Digital Taxidermy can help you print an amazing fantasy tabletop using our best 3D print files you can take a look through our entire range and find the perfect model for your next gaming session.