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Our Dystopian Future - HIghway Bandit Vehicle pack

All your grim dark futures start here!

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Special Price £29.99 Regular Price £49.89

Welcome to "Our Dystopian Future - It's a wonderful thing" 

Highway Bandit Vehicle pack


This was the bundle that came from our first kickstarter and includes all the vehicles from that campiagn.

This bundle is still available today and includes £49 worth of models at a discounted price.


This pack contains:
Hover Cab (£2.99)
Hover Pimp-mobile (£4.99)
Tank/APC (£4.99)
Space Ship (£5.99)
Buggy (£4.99)
Armoured Bus (£3.99)
Universal Grav Platform "Ugly Duck" (£4.99)
Omni-Truck (£5.99)
The Gull (£3.99)
The Tanker (£3.99)
Ian's Kidnapping van (£2.99)

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