Mad World - Wasteland War Rig Bundle

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The wastelands are hazardous and these vehicles will help you rule the dunes as you forge your destiny in the radio active sands.


Mad World - Wasteland War Rig Bundle (Resin) - Sci-fi Gaming STL

Out in the post apocalyptic desert wastelands, the ash wastes or the radlands there are tribes of road warriors that no nothing but fighting and racing. 

Much like mad max these death racers will cruise the wastes ever on the search for guzzoline, water and other resources. 


This selection of modified war rigs are souped up giant death mobiles covered in spikes, armour and offensive weaponry.

This 3D design fits with any futuristic, post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk or dystopian wargaming tabletop setting.

The 3D printed model measures approx.:

mm x mm x mm @28mm Scale

This STL file set is printable on Resin 3D printers, such as the Elegoo Mars. Print the model will 3D print with a 0.02 to 0.05mm layer height for best results.
An FDM 3D printer (like the Creality Ender 3) can be used but you may compromise the detail and result.

Supports are required for this STL model.

We have a handy scale calculator for resizing 3D printing STL files over at scale-converters

These 3D models are designed for 28mm tabletop wargaming and take an approximate scale of 1/50.

This 3D model is designed for 28mm tabletop games such as:

gaslands, car wars, gorka morka, death race, Judge Dredd, Necromunda Ash Wastes, Fallout Wasteland warfare, Infinity, Konfilkt ’47, Kill Team, stargrave, WH40K, sci-fi RPG’s and Star Wars Legion. They are also good to add flavour to RPG’s such as SLA Industries and Paranoia!
Fivecore, Marvel crisis protocol, Spectre, Black ops, Clash on the fringe, No end in sight, Battle Space, Modern ops, Dogs of War, Conflict 2000, Charlie Company,  and MERCS

See the blog post notes on scales about resizing STL files.
Some of the images supplied are computer generated and are for reference. They are images of the STL files that will be 3D printed.

These 3D print files are for personal use ONLY and not to be sold or distributed to third parties in any way. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

Brand Digital Taxidermy
Designer 3D Fortress
Use Resin, Vehicle
Genre Sci-Fi
Model Format Bundle Pack
Vehicle Type Wheeled
Supports Required
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