Dice Tower & Dice Roller - 3D Model Designs

What Is A Dice Tower? 

A dice tower is a tube or box that has a path running through the inside. The best dice roller contains baffles so that the dice gets knocked and jiggled as it goes through the tower acting as a dice randomizer and then the dice gets passed out of a hole in the bottom.

We have an array of 3D Designs of dice towers for 3D Printing, both as stand alone models or as part of some of our larger sets such as Spool Towers, Tidy Town, Wreckage of the Starfreighter and The Dice Mill.

These can be built into other models or items or be a separate entity of its own to be kept on the sidelines of the gaming table. 

Dice Towers can be 3D printed or scratch built by hobbyists, made out of any material such as plasticard, cardboard, plastic and even Lego. 

They come in many different styles, some are collapsible, some are solid, and others can be assembled over and over again.
3D Printed Dice Tower for Tabletop Gaming3D Printed Dice Tower for Tabletop Gaming

Why Would You Use A Dice Tower? 

There are a few reasons why you would use a dice tower or dice roller, rather than just rolling the dice with your hands.

Firstly, dice towers can make sure that the dice get randomized a lot more than a straightforward roll. If you have played a lot of tabletop games, you have probably observed some people roll the dice, but the dice then either just slides or barely rolls while it travels across the table giving the impression of poor randomization. A dice tower with a few baffles on the inside can ensure that the dice is bounced in multiple directions during its travel through the tower ensuring a proper randomized dice roll.

Secondly, on a gaming table packed with miniatures and terrain there is often a limited amount of space that you can use to roll your dice. In these crowded tabletop environments, it can be hard to roll dice without knocking over or moving terrain or miniatures which can really upset the game if it relies on exact measurements. This is especially true on dice heavy games, ones that either roll massive pools of dice or have lots of individual dice rolls each turn.
Thirdly, they make a really pleasing sound when you throw those dice through them, which is obviously the best reason to use them.

Fourthly, they are the only known cure for dice rollers hand, which is a debilitating condition caused by frantically rolling too many dice in anger.

Who Would Use A Dice Tower?

There are a vast array of tabletop miniature games and even board games that require dice rolling and every one of these can benefit (space wise) from a dice tower. D&D and other RPG games that are often played on a smaller table full of paper and other bits, can benefit from a dice tower so that you don’t have to worry about clear space.

Board games like Blood Bowl and X-wing miniatures game can benefit greatly as the table area is often taken up with all the things you need to play the game and thus leaving only the board as a suitable place to roll the dice.

Tabletop skirmish games too, such as Warhammer 40K, Necromunda, AOS, Judge Dredd, Stargrave, Frostgrave and Gaslands (to name just a few) can benefit greatly from the use of a dice tower and in these instances, you can find that a scenic dice tower works even better as it can be used not only as terrain for the battlefield but also as a functional piece giving you lots of space saving benefits.

What Are The Key Features Of A Dice Towers Design?

A dice tower needs to have enough room for a sizable D20 to pass al the way through without jamming anywhere.

Internal baffles that bounce the dice in each direction to create maximum jigglization.

An external platform or tray that can stop the dice from flying across the table.

A funky or interesting exterior design that will give you instant six appeal.
3D Design STL Model Dice Tower for 3D Printing3D Design STL Model Dice Tower for 3D Printing

Why Are Dice Towers Shaped Like Other Things?

This is simple….why be boring, make them look interesting, get the to double as scenery so you don’t have to carry extra scenery.

You can also make the scenery also double as a carry case as we did with Tidy Town so you can store your dice and tokens with your dice tower that also doubles up as scenery.

What Other Options Are There Apart From Dice Towers?

Many different solutions for this have been used in the past such as dice cups, you can place the dice in them and shake them up real good, then upturn the cup on the table.

We have a series of dice cups available as an alternative to dice towers.

Then often people have foldable dice trays that they take as spaces to roll dice into that contains the dice so that they don’t roll across and disturb the gaming table.