Pirate Island - Mega Pack Fantasy Coastal Settlement

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Enjoy a respite from plundering the seven seas in this pirate safe haven. 

Create your Carribean hideaway for your crew with this pirate themed scenery pack.

Pirate Island - Mega Pack Fantasy Coastal Settlement - STL Pack


A range of 3D printable buildings and scenery, recreating a pirate coastal town and port in the age of sail, perfect for your historical or fantasy tabletop. 


These models have been designed by 3D fortress and prepared for printing and sale under license by Digital Taxidermy

This pack includes 4 massive STL bundles

pack 01 - 9 buildings and palm trees 

Pack 2 - 9 buildings and wood yard 

pack 3 - 5 buildings, pirate diormas, pirates, coastal scatter

Pack 4 - Giant pirate ship



This STL file set is designed for FDM Printers and prints with a 0.4mm nozzle at 0.2mm layer height

Supports are recommended for these models.


These models are all suitable to print on a standard 200mm x 200mm x 250mm print volume.


These models are designed for 28mm tabletop and RPG games such as:

On the seven seas, Fighting sail, Rum and bones, en garde!, Sharp practice, Blood and Plunder, Black Powder, Age of Eagles, Field of Glory, Blucher, Grand Armee, republic to empire, Napoleon at war, Polemos Nepoleonic, Rank and file, Snappy Nappy, March Attack, Lasalle, Sharp Practice, Shako, Song of drums and shakos, De Bellis Napoleonics, Piquet, Field of Battle, In the grand manner, Empire, Principles of war, and also other fantasy and D&D RPG games 


Amazing STL models for 3D printed tabletop gaming and skirmish wargaming. models for FDM and Resin printing

If you wish to re-scale these files then see our blog post ‘A note on scales’ for more details


Some of the images supplied are computer generated and are for reference. They are images of the files that will be 3D printed.

Brand 3D Fortress
Designer 3D Fortress
Use FDM, Scatter, Building, Scenery
Model Format Bundle Pack
Supports Recommended
Genre Historical
Vehicle Type Non Vehicle
Buyer's Club Not Used
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