WW2 Persherman Prototype tank

DP-STL-M26 Persherman tank-1
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WW2 M26 Persherman tank 3D model STL file set
M4 Sherman Prototype with T26 Pershing Turret. 

M4 sherman M26/T26 Pershing turret prototype Tank. 

Persherman prototype

Includes 4 pieces in total.  Turret, body, left and right Tracks

The M4 T26 Prototype tank was created by Chrysler in 1944.  The M4 Sherman 105 Chassis was used as the base for the 90mm T26 (M26) Pershing Turret.  This project was short lived as it became obvious this system needed more testing and would not likely see the battlefield any sooner than the Pershing tank.  As intriguing as this was the Ordinance Dept was concerned that it would also interfere with the production of T26 tanks so it was cancelled almost immediately after inception.  The Persherman never saw the battlefield.


Model is scaled in 1-50 by default.  See Digital Taxidermy scaling tool for a handy option if a different size is needed.  Can be scaled up or down. 

Brand Degans Prints
Designer Degans Prints
Use Resin, Vehicle, Scenery, Weapon Models, Toys
Model Format STL
Supports Required
Genre WW2
Vehicle Type Tracked
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