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15 cm TbtsK C/36 naval gun, coastal artillery (printed)

Casements and guns from Longues-sur-Mer battery.

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15 cm TbtsK C/36 naval gun, coastal Artillery – 3D printed model


The 15 cm TbtsK C/36 naval gun had an actual caliber of exactly 14.91 cm (5.87 in), a weight of 7,200 kilograms (15,900 lb), an overall length of 7.165 metres (23.51 ft), a bore length of 6.815 m (22.36 ft), a chamber volume of 212 cubic centimetres (12.9 cu in), a rifling length of 558.7 cm (220.0 in). It had 44 grooves, which were all 1.75 millimetres (0.069 in) by 6.14 mm (0.242 in) in size. It shot a projectile which weighed 45.3 kg (100 lb), which was propelled by 13.5 kg (30 lb) of RPC/38, with a muzzle velocity of 875 metres per second (2,870 ft/s). The gun had a working pressure of 3,000 kilograms per square centimetre (43,000 psi) and had a service life of about 1,600 rounds fired. The gun had a maximum range of 23.55 kilometres (14.63 mi) at 47° of elevation.


This is a single-part model.


The model measures approx.:

78mm x 148mm x 53mm @28mm Scale

51mm x 97mm x 35mm @00 Railway scale 1/76

39mm x 74mm x 26mm @15mm Scale



It is designed for 28mm table top games set in WW2 such as:

Bolt Action, Chain of Command and Konflikt ’47. It can also be used in games such as Judge Dredd, Dust 1947, Necromunda and Fallout Wasteland Warfare

  These files are now rescaled to for Flames of War, epic and 00 railways by popular demand.


See the blog post notes on scales about resizing STL files.

Some of the images supplied are computer generated and are for reference. They are images of the files that will be 3D printed.

Print in place parts may need some work to loosen them up after print. Once free, run them through full travel several times to wear them in.


We use recycled packaging!

This does not mean you item will be treated with any less respect but it does mean less waste. See our blog post on packaging for more information.

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