A note on packaging

We're sure, like us, you have been sitting in your home and the postman arrives; It’s like Christmas has come early! You excitedly tear open all the lovely new toys and then the packaging is strewn all over the floor, only to be binned or destroyed.

We are sure you will agree, this is very wasteful. We want to make every effort to reduce our environmental impact and reduce waste in the system. When we design the models, we are conscious of minimising support structures and material use in all our products.

When you buy a physical item from us it needs to be shipped, this shipment needs packaging and at Digital Taxidermy we try to avoid buying new single use packaging. Digital Taxidermy make efforts to source used cardboard packaging from local organisations and pack each item with newspaper or similar recycled materials. Your item will be packed safely with as much care as any other, but we try to use recycled packaging.