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The Dome of Social Justice (printed)

The place justice is severed!

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Far back now a decision was made to make all punishment a public affair and so the centre of this became the social justice dome, these domes and the like appeared all over the world and became a symbol for maintaining order in the chaotic environment. then some bright spark also thought how you could combine justice with entertainment....the 24 hour blood-sport channel was launched, all blood all of the time. the justice domes were full of prisoners anyway, so they started throwing them mortal dangers to overcome while a camera was stuffed in their face and the result was viewed by billions. the lottery is drawn with a guillotine a ramp and 49 numbered buckets, people fight to the death over parking violations, the council also extents trial by combat to anyone that wants to take on the champion, for freedom or 5 meal vouchers. 


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