Sci-fi Spool Tower Bundle Pack

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Spool Tower multi-level modular terrain upcycling construction system - Complete Bundle Pack 

Spool Tower 3D Printable Modular Scenery – Sci-fi Spool Tower Bundle


Here at Digital Taxidermy we have seen first-hand how fast the mountain of empty spools can build up, not to mention those stray filament ends that are just no good for making anything of substance.

To solve the problem of waste, possibly the most annoying thing about 3D printing, we set out with a design goal to produce a series of 3D printable models that can be printed using minimal filament and then affixed within your leftover spools to create multi-level modular terrain and miniature display stands.




Design principles


We wanted to ensure that an entire level of the spool towers can be printed for less than 100g of filament. This means that you can use just 10% of a spool to then turn the otherwise wasted spool into a piece of modular terrain for your gaming table or a nifty display stand to provide a backdrop to your miniature collection

We wanted to make them useful on the table too so there are systems to connect and lock the spools in place so that they will not collapse or fall over while on your shelf or on your gaming table. To that end we created clips pegs and central supports to make them as strong as required, but also make them collapsible for easy transport and storage. The accessories like bridges and steps also require the ability to be erected without glue for easy transport and storage.

With enough upcycled empty spools you can make yourself an entire city. 


This pack contains the Sci-Fi elements from our Spool Tower Kickstarter campaign, worth over £120


Bundle Contains

Spool Tower











- Power Plant (£9.99)

- Silo – still (£9.99)

- Cryo-pods (£2.99)

- Outrage agitator (£1.99)

-  Metal Bridges (£3.99)

- Metal Ramps (£3.99)

- Metal Stairs (£2.99)

- Metal Ladders (£1.99)











Stretch Goals

- Turn Table (£1.99)

- Radar Dice Tower (£9.99)

- Treehouse dice tower (£9.99)

- upcycling greeblie pack (£2.99)

- Observatory (£4.99)

- Shop / Kiosk fronts (£4.99)

- Damaged Warehouse (£9.99)

- Clip on Fence pack (£4.99)

- Scifi jail cell (£3.99)

- Scifi Dive bar (£4.99)

-Rail Gun (£7.49)

-Elevator (£4.99)

-Temporal agitator (£7.49)

-Video Gaming Arcade (£4.99)



This STL pack is designed to be printed without supports with a 0.4mm nozzle at 0.2mm layer height.


No supports and spool recycling

Our spool towers have been developed to print with no supports, using minimal filament to create detailed facades. These facades require a structure to allow them to become a multi-layer terrain system. Using your old waste spool you can now make stackable modular scenery towers for your table top gaming shenanigans.

The detailed fitting instructions will explain how to scale or alter any of the panels to fit your spools. In many cases just rescaling some panels using our scale calculator will be enough. In other cases we have included cover strips and edging panels to help hide joins.

These models are designed for a spool of approximate 200mm diameter x 55mm internal height x 85mm centre post diameter and an edge thickness of 3.5mm.

If your spool is close to these dimensions you will have no trouble fitting these to your spools.

If your spools are way out then we have a few infill pieces and scaling tricks to help you but you may have to use some modelling and painting skills to finish it off.

 We have a handy calculator for resizing files for 3D printing over at scale-converters



Brand Digital Taxidermy
Designer Digital Taxidermy
Kickstarter Spool Tower
Use FDM, Building, Spool Tower, Scenery
Model Format Kickstarter
Supports No supports required
Genre Sci-Fi
Vehicle Type Non Vehicle
Buyer's Club Not Used
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