All of our Dice Towers - DT Power Towers Kickstarter Bundle

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Take your destiny in your hands and roll with the punches

We have a tower for every possible outcome.


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All of our Dice Towers - DT Power Towers - STL Kickstarter Pack

Towers of fate is a set of 3D Printable dice towers with a fantasy theme that will not only work as 3D terrain for your gaming table but also allow you to control your destiny by rolling your dice for you.

Each 3D printable dice tower is designed to look aesthetically pleasing and has internal baffles to make sure you get maximum jigglization (science term).

The set includes:

Albion Tower

Helter Skelter

Norman Church

Skull Mountain 

Sky House 


Unloacked stretch goals Include:


Brick Kiln

Wooden Fort

Round Church 

Elven Tower

Rocket Ship Dice Tower

The Dice Mill

Bio-Horror Dice Tower

Spool Tower Kashyyk Trouhouse

Bunker Dice Tower

Dice Foundry

Engine Pod Dice Tower

Toxic Waste Tanks 

Wizards Tower

Radar Dice Tower 

Stuff-in Stacker Dice Tower

This 3D design fits with any fantasy or D&D wargaming tabletop setting.

The 3D printed model measures approx.:

mm x mm x mm @28mm Scale

This STL file set is printable on FDM 3D printers such as the Creality Ender 3. Print the model with a 0.4mm nozzle at 0.2mm layer height for best results. 
These files have been printed and tested on FDM Machines.

Supports are not required for thes STL models.

We have a handy scale calculator for resizing 3D printing STL files over at scale-converters

These 3D models are designed for 28mm tabletop wargaming and take an approximate scale of 1/50.

This 3D model set is designed for 28mm tabletop games such as:

dungeons and dragons DnD D&D HORDES Warmaster Ancients Malifaux Mordheim Runewars Warhammer Fantasy Battle WFB Age of Sigmar AOS, Stargrave, Judge Dredd, Necromunda, Fallout Wasteland, Infinity, Konfilkt ’47, Kill Team, WH40K, Titanicus, 5 parsecs from home, sci-fi RPG’s and Star Wars Legion. It also adds flavor to RPG’s such as SLA Industries and Paranoia!

See the blog post notes on scales about resizing STL files.
Some of the images supplied are computer generated and are for reference. They are images of the STL files that will be 3D printed.

These 3D print files are for personal use ONLY and not to be sold or distributed to third parties in any way. Please see our terms and conditions for more information.

Brand Digital Taxidermy
Designer Digital Taxidermy
Kickstarter Towers of Fate
Use FDM, Building, Dice Rollers, Scenery, Gaming Accessories
Model Format Kickstarter
Supports No supports required
Genre Fantasy
Vehicle Type Non Vehicle
Buyer's Club Not Used
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