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Our Dystopian Future - Constructor - Buildings Pack

All your grim dark futures start here!

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Welcome to 'Our Dystopian Future - It's a wonderful thing' 
Building Playsets STL Bundle 



This was the - Buildings Pack from our first kickstarter. This bundle is still available today at a discounted price and includes: 


This bundle is still available today and includes £73 worth of models:

Cash 4 Organs (£9.99)
Pleasure Pods (£9.99)
Limbs 'n' Things (£9.99)
The Dome of Social Justice (£4.99)
Guard Tower (£3.99)
Wall shops (£4.99)
Hangar (£7.99)
Future House (£4.99)
Hab Pods (£3.50)
Hab Tower (£2.99)
Spool Tower (£4.99)
Transport Gate (£4.99)




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