Star Citizen - Miner Share Calculator

Star Citizen - Miner Share Calculator

Work out the payment for each miner in a mining crew


I wrote this spreadsheet to help calculate the miners share when going out with multiple people. 

The values are using the approximate refined value of the ores, this is worth 50% when you chooce unrefined.

**IMPORTNT** Google sheets will not provide instancing so i have put two seperate sheets on this page, if you see one sheet is in use please use the one below it.

To use this spreadsheet fill out the orange boxes:

  1. Place the total SCU of each harvested material from the trip
  2. Select your refinery location and method from the drop downs, If you are selling the raw ore then select unrefined. 
  3. You can enter additional costs (such as fuel, repair, restock and transportation)
  4. Select the number of miners and scouts from the expedition
  5. You will then get a value for an equal share to pay your crew
  6. If you wish to have an unequal share within your crew favouring the captain, you can use the last grid
  7. Select the captain’s bonus share percentage from the drop down
  8. The raining shares will be distributed evenly between the workers and the capatin.

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let me know if there is anything else you wish to have added and I will see what I can do for you (