NEO-Osaka-Free File Roads

DT-STL-NEO-Osaka-Free File Roads
Vendor : Mecha-Madness
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Kickstarter Preview of New Streamlined 40MM roads and intersection
New refined files for your urban warfare. Designed for Battletech and other 6MM games just wide enough for a Hex Base. Please follow the kickstarter here:

In this Kickstarter you will be able to take Mega-Tokyo, the Refinery, and the Citytech Bundle to new heights! Literally, with 15" towers and mega highways you will be able to fight anywhere in any biome. 

Take a gander at my latest battle report using 6MM rules from Battletech Alphastrike.

This new Kickstarter feature highlights:
New Size Road System exclusive to the Kickstarter (75mm Expressways) with supports and ramps
11 New Towers varying from 100mm tall up to 375mm tall!
New Blocks to give you a sense of separation and unique fittings for tighter boards and less gap space that takes away from your feature table.

You will have a 64x64, 64x127 (MM Block Size)
The Next Stage up is 127x127, 127x256 (Medium to Large Blocks)
To balance out intersections (64x40), (127x40), (64x110), (127x110) to make sure your units are balanced. 

As a special bonus you will be getting my 1st Generation Buidlings with a special retreatment making them easier to print and you will get them in the 64x64, and 127x127 sizes! I hope you fill up your city with tall buildings that will light up with my signature LED cavities!
Brand Digital Taxidermy
Designer Un-branded
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Genre Sci-Fi
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