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A week of maintenance and training has taken place behind the scenes this week, two more stretch goals from the Kickstarter have been released now. The Wizards dice tower and the textured floor panels are now available for our backers to download and for anyone else to purchase. The textured floor panels are all included in the folder and will be available free with all spool tower purchases. We have also released some more back catalogue bunkers and there are more to come over the next few weeks. There has also been a bit of planning for more content and where the next step in our growth will take us.


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We have been working with our new members of the team to get their output up to standard and we can already see some of that with the images coming out for our website with more to come. Other than that, is has been a slow week on front end releases but be patient we will have more great models for you soon.


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This week the wizards dice tower has been finished and released for all our Kickstarter backers and now available to purchase. This fantasy inspired dice tower will make a great centre piece for your D&D campaign or Mordhiem tables, we hope you like it we think the design is fun and filled with details that will really bring it to life once painted. The textured floor panels also have been released and while they do not have their own listing on the site you can find them in the file and will be included with all spool tower purchases.

There have also been two bunkers released, the Regelbau R667 gun emplacement and the FL242 Flack bunker. These emplacements will give your guys on the ground the best position to hammer out the heavy artillery and rain down devastation on the enemy.

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Story Time

This week’s story is….well….not a story, This week we are releasing our background history of the world, this will give you the timeline that leads us to “A Jolly Fine Dystopia”, compiled by all of us and penned by Rik Holden this history should get you up to speed with why the world is in the state it is in.


A Jolly Fine Dystopia – Timeline


2020 The Covid-19 global pandemic leads to global, society-wide lock downs. Right-wing despots around the world use the excuse to extend their powers and begin to rule in an increasingly authoritarian manner. First Hungary, Turkey, the Philippines and Israel fall. Russia slides into depression. Democracy is suspended in the US by President Trump as it is deemed ‘not safe’ to leave the house to vote.


2021-2025 In the coming years, a similar tale is told across central and South America, Eastern Europe, parts of Africa and throughout central Asia. President Xi continues to tighten his grip on China. The world enters a deep financial recession as supply chains fail to successfully restart with each successive new wave of the disease.

By the time a vaccine is finally created and disseminated, nearly a billion lie dead, with most casualties across Africa, South America and the Middle East. Many parts of Africa see their populations destroyed as Western companies fail to prioritise delivering the vaccine to the continent. And even where it does land, an effective marketing combination of fake news and the Anti-Vaccination movement, mean many who finally get access to a vaccine do not take it.

With the pandemic, the environmental project to ‘save the planet’ is no longer pursued.


2025 – 2030 Many countries cannot handle the burden of debt created by the pandemic, leading to widespread countries defaulting, causing chaos in the financial markets. ‘Strongman’ leaders rise across Western Europe, Canada and Australia as capitalism becomes disordered. The only significant economic actors to survive are the global mega-corporations. Food production slowly becomes harder as ground becomes infertile.


2030 - 2045 A period of relative stability as fascist governments around the world, united in their hatred of The Other, maintain martial order to varying degrees, and continue to allow the global corporations to trade across boundaries to keep the populace fed. By 2040, 90% of the world’s population are in service to one of these giant companies.


2045 – 2055 Increasing environmental degradation. Fast-rising sea levels leave over 2 billion people homeless. Increasing civil unrest due to geographic displacement, hunger, and oppressive societal restrictions lead to governments collapsing around the world. With no one to fill their place, the Corporations assume societal control, as the whole populace is now reliant on them for their pay cheques.


2055 – 2075 The corporations (Corps), realising they can maintain control, begin investing in clean power. With both ice caps melted, the sea level is stable. Nuclear power stations are developed again, leading to clean power generation, supplemented by the Outrage Generators situated in the greater urban areas.

Although the air is cleaner, desertification due to rising temperatures has rendered vast swathes around the equator uninhabitable, splintering humanity between the north and south. What was Finland enjoys the UK’s climate of 50 years ago.

Following hardships of the last 50 years, the population is down to 3bn and stable.

However vast swathes of Russia are now well suited for agriculture given the climate changes.

There is still daily struggle for the majority. Whilst energy and technology are available, they are entirely in the hands of the Corps.

Conflicts and weapons exists; local level fighting between gangs (usually over food or other resources) is a regular occurrence. But no large scale wars have happened for 15 years. The Corps finally realised that suppression is cheaper than war.


By Digital Taxidermy – Storytime collective


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