Recycled terrain, 3D printing and imagination create an inspirational Battletech Table


dEar ValUeD CitiZen,

Here at Digital Taxidermy, we often create something we are really proud of and want to tell the world about, then sometimes we get passed some projects from some talented individuals that we are also proud of and want to shout about.

This is one of those times.

We were clearing through our inbox today and stumbled across this gem from Mechamadness that seemed to have been buried by the Zuc.

We checked out the video and then followed it up by trawling through the Facebook page and we were really impressed with what we saw.


This table was created using exceptional effort, inspiration and motivation to create a real work of art. The table not only has a superb collection of structures to imagine a futuristic city scape for the tiny giant robots to battle over but also makes use of recycled materials and incorporates a huge amount of lighting effects.

3d printed tabletop gaming using recycled spools

Mechamadness, run by Jovan Montaque, has really outdone himself on this build. It utilises our Spool Towers and a collection of other models from all around the web.

upcyle your empty spools and make gaming terrain from trash

A large amount of terrain pieces were created from his own imagination using a selection of recycled materials. This embodies the way that creativity can be used to make something that is truly spectacular from what is otherwise considered waste. In his own words it involves “Getting the most of things you would typically throw away.”

We like this statement a lot as Digital Taxidermy abhors waste in all its forms, and we love creativity.

Jovan went on to say “I was impressed by the Kickstarter because before I was throwing away the spools. Now with your genius I can add expansive new dimensions to my game table.”

Jovan also works with others to help inspire them to create as well stating “My students see the work I do, and it inspires them to being creative in recycling.” Passing this knowledge onto the next generation of creators and expanding the hobby into the future.

We can wax lyrical about how good this build looks for a very long time, but the best thing would be for you to go and check it out for yourselves. His YouTube channel has a whole series of print and build videos based around the making of this table and the Mechamadnesss Facebook page is full of photos, videos and battle reports so you can see the process of creating it and what it looks like in action.


I urge you to check it out and show him some love, Jovan has earned it. We will be keeping an eye on his work to see what the next great items to come off his production line add to this epic construction.


As a final note the road system was created by Jovan and friends, they are available on his cults3d store which you can find here:


That's all for now citizens, we hope you are all well and look forward to seeing you down the road. 

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