The treetop village on Kashyyk, made from recycled filament spools


We have had another grand project drop onto our desk, this time with a Star Wars theme. Created by Jon Larsen using our Spool Tower Kickstarter as a base to build this stunning representation of the planet of Kasshyyk.

He has taken our Kashyyk treehouse and wooden bridges pack, used his creativity to multiply and modify the kit to make a stunning multi level table for Star Wars Legion. This project has taken the piles of used filament spools and upcycled them into stunning games terrain

Not purely satisfied with the limited Kashyyk buildings in the kit he used his creativity and skills to modify the items to suit his own needs. This shows he has really taken to heart the basis of Spool Towers to be a model kit. We are very glad that he has taken the time to share it with us, it gives us such a driving force to create more models for you all.

He has used cardboard tubes create sturdy trees to support the huts, using alterations of the rooves and the bases to create unique looks to each of the huts has created variety, then also having platforms to join the buildings with bridges has broken up the asthetic of the village.

The addition of vines and foliage has brought some life to this board aswell and we are looking forward to seeing a battle take place across this table.

We have asked Jon to write a little about his experience so the following is in his own words:

“I started printing soon after the Kickstarter ended, starting with a stock print, then altered the base a little, to make it fit over a three-inch diameter tube.  I wanted larger sturdier trees than the standard Dice Tower versions.  Making my own trees allowed for more variety and a heavier base to counter act any top heaviness of the platforms. Taking the spools apart allowed for variety and creating standalone platforms of just a base.  Separating the spools generated command centers, that can be placed on the ground.

Trees were made of pulped paper for a paper mâché slurry covered by toilet paper for bark texture.  Then spray-painted brown, with burn umber in patches and then a khaki drybrush. 

Vines, moss and lichen were added.  The Vines are Spanish moss, the Moss is clump foliage and the lichen is a homemade light green flock.  Vines were added to the bridges, going for an effect like the Kazurabashi vine bridges but ran out before doing all of them.”

This is a fantastic build and he has shared it with the Digital Taxidermists in our Facebook Group. If you have a project you would like to share then please check the group out and maybe we will be able to feature it in our blog in future issues.

If you are still wondering 'what can i do with old filament spools' then this may be a solution for you.

Until then keep up the creativity and we hope to see you down the road.